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Are you in need of a professional who can take care of your yard? Do you need a landscaping company that can impress you? It’s your lucky day!

We proudly present J&A Rubio Landscaping & Maintenance.

Landscaping companyLocated in Visalia CA, we are the landscaping company that will change your garden into a vision of beauty. For 4 years, our landscape maintenance services have been held in high regard by the general public. We never make compromises when it comes to quality, this is why people are happy with our services. We are licensed and insured, meaning that we will provide you with the high-quality landscaping service you deserve. Below, we have listed a few services which our professionals can perform for you:



  • new sprinkler systems
  • sprinkler repair
  • lay down grass
  • plant plants


  • cut grass
  • blower/edging
  • fertilizer
  • overseeding in the winter time
  • 1-time clean up (monthly service)
  • sprinkler repair
  • put new bark

Landscaping companyJ&A Rubio Landscaping & Maintenance is not your average landscaping contractor. We are the Visalia CA company that cares about the planet and the plant life that grows on it. Our efforts are always saturated with devotion and respect, and this is how we are always able to deliver the impeccable service people are looking for. No landscaping company on the market can match the quality of our results, this is why people trust us the most. If you need high-quality landscaping, do not hesitate – contact us!

J&A Rubio Landscaping & Maintenance
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J&A Rubio Landscaping & Maintenance advises people in Visalia CA never to go with a freelance landscaper. Very often their lack of professional knowledge and experience is what causes great devastation to your garden. Sometimes they will fertilize your lawn with the wrong products, damaging it beyond salvation. On many occasions, we have been summoned to repair the damage done by an amateur landscaper, and we never fail to impress. If your lawn has fallen victim to unprofessional hands, contact us, and we will do everything in our power to restore it to its previous state.

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Landscape contractorsWhen providing a landscaping service, our company uses only top-grade, environmentally friendly products. Prior to any service, we will conduct a proper inspection and evaluation of the situation, in order to decide on the most optimal course of action. We always make an extra effort, and this is how we achieve impeccable results every time. Entrust your yard or garden into our care, and you will not regret your decision.

Excellent Job!

When it comes to lawn maintenance, I know who to turn to! You are my trusted landscaper that I can rely on in anytime!


When I decided to hire a professional to take care of my lawn, I came across many landscaping contractors. I decided to give you a call, and I was surprised by the results! Your team is very friendly and always comes on time! Thank you for being an honest and trustworthy contractor!


I want to thank your landscaping company for everything you do for me! I couldn't be happier with the results! My lawn looks so green and healthy! Amazing!

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You don’t need the “help” of amateurs. Our highly experienced and qualified personnel are more than eager to showcase their professional abilities and exceed your expectations – without delay. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to the high quality landscaping service you deserve. We take our landscaping jobs very seriously, and our dedication is what makes it possible to always provide innovative solutions, while completely meeting our clients’ requirements.

All of the landscaping services delivered by our landscaping contractor, come at budget-friendly and competitive prices. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to give us a call on the number below – we will be happy to help.

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