Tips From a Landscaping Contractor on Keeping a Healthy, Weed-Free Garden

One of the things that make a garden look good, is the feeling of order and natural arrangement. A weed infested yard does not have that feeling. It looks messy and untended.

Mulching around the BushesWeeds are a constant threat to any garden. Furthermore, they are a persistent menace and a huge pain in the neck, especially if you’re doing your own gardening. They just keep on coming and appear to be unstoppable. As a landscaping contractor, we know that is not true. We have handled thousands of yards and gardens, and know the best way to deal with weeds.

The simplest approach is sometimes the best. When you see a weed growing on your property, just take it out. You will have to get your hands dirty, but at least your lawn will be safe for a while longer.

If you want to prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds, you could wrap them with plastic sheets to isolate them from the rest of the garden. Just make sure the flowers have enough soil to grow in.

Mulch is a very useful tool that every landscaping contractor uses. It prevents soil erosion and protects against weeds. Also, it keeps the lawn moist for longer. It’s extremely common in the landscaping business.

The natural way to battle weed infestations is by planting crowd resistant plants. This is the green way to keep it clean, although it’s not universal. Basically, you plant your garden with flowers that grow in clusters. They are especially competitive and most weeds don’t stand a chance against them.

Weeds grow where they can find a suitable environment. Such favorable conditions include an abundance of water and sunlight. A faulty irrigation system may be the reason for your weed problems.

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