Call In Your Local Landscaping Contractor To Help

If you have a sprinkler system in your garden, you may want to contact a professional landscaping contractor to get it tuned up in time for the spring.

Sunlit Irrigation Sprinkler

A sprinkler system tune up consists of different service elements designed to optimize the functionality of the system. To begin with, an inspection of your backflow control valve. This valve should be turned off for the winter months. It should be turned back on, preferably with one of the zone valves turned on, to ensure your system is bled of any air pockets. Air in the system can jar the valves, or damage the workings of the valves. Sometimes resulting in cracks in the pvc connections, or damage to the actual system.

Next, each area is started up, starting from the control panel. Turning each area on for a couple of minutes with further purge any extra air from the system. Sprinkler heads in each area are watched for coverage, and set for the proper spray pattern to see if they are turning properly, and to see if there is clogging occuring in the nozzles. When the zone is switched off, the heads are then checked to see if they retract back into the ground. If the sprinkler heads do not go down, you will want to replace them. This will ensure your lawn mower doesn’t hit or break it.

Lastly, the sprinkler timer should be set for the proper watering time, according to the each season. Obviously, very little watering is done during the winter. In readiness of a new spring, because of the grass growth, sprinkler systems should be set to whatever frequency and duration would keep the moisture in the soil to an expected level. This varies due to slope, sun exposure, soil type, and other factors. Should you be unsure, always call in an experienced landscaping contractor to help.

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