Top 5 Tips For Proper Irrigation Offered by Lawn Service Experts

Every homeowner is well aware that a green and lush lawn needs water. However, there are people who forget the fact that watering a lawn with the wrong type of watering technique or with the wrong type of water, may actually harm the grass. Even kill it! To be sure that you are irrigating your yard properly, keep these five tips in mind.

Upscale suburban home with beautiful lawn.Lawn Type
When you are watering your lawn you should keep in mind that different types of grass have different types of watering requirements. For example, Colonial bentgrass demands an ample, regular irrigation schedule. On the other hand, Buffalo grass thrives well in a dry climate, and too much water may actually harm it. To make sure that you are watering your yard properly, consult a professional lawn service provider. The lawn contractor will be able to determine the type of lawn you have, as well as to explain the specific water requirements of your grass.

Watering Technique
A healthy grass root system provides a beautiful, green, and lush lawn, and it is supported by the right watering technique. Do not water your yard for frequent yet short intervals, as this will lead to ‘shallow’ lawn water soak, eventually resulting in weakened root systems. Your grass will definitely benefit from a deep and less frequent watering schedule, as it will thoroughly soak the grass roots, supporting strong root growth.

When to Water
One of the most essential aspects of watering your yard, is the time of day you do it. This can have an enormous impact on your lawn’s health. Setting up an evening or late night watering schedule, will help to preserve water, but it can lead to unhealthy fungal growth in the yard. Afternoons are generally convenient, but a significant amount of the water will actually evaporate, instead of being soaked up by the grass roots.

So, the best time to water your lawn is early in the morning. An early morning irrigation schedule will help reduce fungal growth, conserve water, and it will give your grass time to soak up the water before any evaporation occurs.

Water Conservation
You should always keep water conservation in mind, when watering your lawn. This is necessary not only to reduce your water bill, but also to help you during the summer months, as you may have a limited amount of water to use on your yard. In order to conserve water, always irrigate early in the morning, and only when necessary. You should also keep the watering system – the hose or the sprinklers – close to the ground, in order to reduce evaporation.

Water Quality
Of you are watering from a well system, it is a good idea to have your water quality checked. Bear in mind, that irrigating your lawn with water that has an alkaline pH, or that contains too much minerals, may change the water and moisture requirements for your lawn.

To have peace of mind, consult a reliable lawn service provider, such as J&A Rubio Landscaping & Maintenance, of Visalia, CA, for all your lawn related needs.